What is Steamed Milk?|Health Advantages and Disadvantages

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Steamed milk is a milk when milk either dairy or plant-based milk passed through a electric appliance or gadget like steam wand or electric milk steamer for a stipulated period of time, the milk changes its properties like color, texture, silky and taste. It looks like more

milk steamer

white and a foamy layer and microbubles appear on the top of milk due to break down of fats by the steaming and heating process.

The result milk is known as steamed milk. Steamed milk mostly and favorably used for making various types of drinks and beverages like espresso, latte, cappuccino and coffee.

Steamed milk is heavier and dense as compared with regular milk due to the steaming process under steam wand or espresso machine.

What Is Foamed Milk And How Is It Different from other milk?

Foamed or microfoam milk is the smooth foam that surface on top of espresso-based drinks as a result from air being pulled to the milk during steaming/frothing.

milk steamer

Foaming milk also supplement to hot chocolate to give it delicious taste and it is also used for trendy espresso based drinks like as the Latte.

Foamed milk is light, soft and spill over easily rather than steamed milk.

What is Frothed Milk and How is it different from Steamed milk?

Milk comprises water, carbs, fats, protein. When it comes to heat, the water starts to evaporate and also form foam on top so frothed milk is dry and less watery in comparison to steam milk. Frothed milk is ideal for latte Art.

How To Steam and Froth Milk with Milk Steamer/Frother Machine

The best appropriate way to steaming milk is using automatic electric milk steamer machine which are available in different brands like Miroco, HadinEEon, Nespresso, YISSVIC, EZBASICS  etc. You can equipped these modern machine in your kitchen and office for enjoying drink.  These home appliances are available and you can easily purchase these kitchen gadgets from online stores. We refer you to visit our home page for Buying Guide.

The process of steaming milk takes 1-2 minutes quickly depending upon your steamer. The steamer comes with hot and cold functionality which means you can serve hot and cold milk.

Health Benefits of Steamed Milk

By steaming milk you get short-chain and medium chain fatty acids in your daily diet which can lower the risk of pathogens (germs) after steaming and boiled the milk. It is also tolerable for those who get reaction or allergy with milk (lactose intolerance).

Milk is an excellent source of the nutrients your body relies on to properly absorb calcium, including vitamin D, vitamin K, phosphorus and magnesium.

Downside of heated or steamed milk would be less beneficial as more heat break proteins in the milk.

Milk is a multiple nutrients that are significant for your body and benefited to your health. It is best source of gaining calcium, vitamin K, vitamin D, magnesium and phosphorus. Calcium is absorb-able.

Studies have proved that milk lead to a lower risk of Osteoporosis (bone diseases) and fractures, especially in old age.

Steamed milk can value added to your diet in a numeral of ways. Followings are the best use of milk in making coffee beverages:

Chemical Compositions and Properties of Steamed Milk 

chemical composition is varies  milk to milk of species like goat, cow etc. The following composition of milk after boiling/steaming to be noted during laboratory experiment.

steaming milk composition

Popular Beverages Made With Automatic Steamed Milk Machine

There are a variety of different drinks and beverages you can make by steamed milk. Some of popular barista like drinks you can make at home are:

milk steamer
  1. Cappuccino
  2. Caffe Latte
  3. Hot drinks
  4. Caffè macchiato
  5. Flat white

Popular Beverages Made With Automatic Foamed Milk Machine

Foamed milk is also popular for making following drinks at home:

  1. Mochas
  2. Hot chocolates
  3. Babyccino

You can make more variety of drinks a lot more besides just availability of milk steamer machine.

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